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Window Glass Repair and Replacement Westlake-Lorain

Glass Doctor® provides glass and windows for every type of need at your home or business.

Decorative insulating glass
Laminated insulating glass
Window repair- balances, locks, weather stripping, etc.
Tempered glass
Safety glass
Security and bullet resistant glass
Tinted insulating glass
Obscure insulating glass

One of the most important aspects of new windows and glass comes down to whether or not these new additions to your home or business actually can save you money in addition to beautifying and improving your home or business.

Your Glass Doctor of Westlake-Lorain will help you navigate the questions and answers of glass repair, replacement and installation, especially when it comes to improving energy efficiency. We understand all aspects of insulated glass including Low-E Glass and energy star rated glass.

Our ultimate goal is to not only protect the value of your home, but increase it as well! When we cut down on your home's energy appetite, we decrease the amount of money you have to spend every month to feed it. That means more money in your pocket and less money to the utility companies!

So, are you ready to learn more about the Glass Doctor and how we can serve you? Read on. Let's start with Insultated Glass.

Insulated Glass:

Insulated glass works just like the insulation in your building. It prevents heat energy from escaping which in turn gives your home or business many advantages:

Cut Down on Energy Usage.
By removing the necessity of condensation, you will find these windows to be incredibly transparent!
You are able to use sizable pieces of glass/windows without fear of elevated energy use.
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

So what does it mean for a window to be energy efficient?

  • When you combine insulated glass with other energy saving features, you significantly increase the ability for your windows to help save you money!
  • Energy Star Label: Have you ever seen the energy start label? Well, it means different things depending on what it is found on. For glass, the energy star label means that it must come with a particular rating/value depending on the manufacturer of the glass. That value could be an R-Value or a U-Value.
  • U Value specifically refers to temperature increase or decrease compared to the temperature increase or decrease outside.
  • R Value has to do with how resistant the glass is to the transferance of heat.
  • Low E Glass Refers to the surface of glass that produces a low grade level thermal energy.
  • Low E Glass (also know as Low Thermal Emissivity Glass) is popular in a number of different situations as it fends off UV rays which in turn protects furnishings and property from the damage of the sun.
  • Your Westlake-Lorain Glass Doctor wants to be your first and last resource when it comes to energy efficient glass repair and replacement. Let us provide you our expert level of service and care!