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Window Glass Repair and Replacement Cleveland

Glass Doctor® provides glass and windows for every type of need at your home or business

Custom insulating glass
Decorative insulating glass
Laminated insulating glass
Window repair- balances, locks, weather stripping, etc.
Tempered glass
Safety glass
Security and bullet resistant glass
Tinted insulating glass
Obscure insulating glass

Your Cleveland Glass Doctor is ready to help you with all of your glass needs, especially when it means we can help you save money on your energy costs. We help you do that by providing you with high quality energy efficient glass and windows! When our techs come out to your home or business, we ascertain what types of glass to use to not only beautify and improve the functionality of your building, but also improve the energy saving qualities.

You can of course do the math. The more energy efficient your glass? The more you save money. It's an equation we calculate every day multiple times a day, so we are experts at it! In addition, the more high quality & energy efficient windows and doors you have in your home the more money you will make when you go to sell your home!

Here are some of the ways insulated glass can help you:
The reduction of thermal loss is the most critical attribute of insulated glass. Here is how:
Reduced energy use
Immaculate transparency by almost completely removing condensation
You will be able to increase the size of your windows without being concerned with incrased use of energy.
Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for a glass & window company that only uses the best high tech glass focused on saving you money on energy costs, you have found it! Your Glass Doctor only uses the highest quality glass for your projects focused on saving you money on energy costs.

This is how insulated windows work. Low-E Glass refers to the glass itself and more specifically to the outer layer of that glass. More accurately, it measures the amount of thermal energy that the outer layer of the glass puts out. We are talking "radiant thermal energy" here. People love to install low-e glass in both their places of business and in their homes primarily because of it's ability to resist ultraviolet light. Low-E windows resists UV rays which ends up protecting the valuable furnishings in homes and businesses.

Then, we consider glass that wears the "Energy Star" label. Let's break this category down into 2 sub-categories, specifically U-value glass and R-value glass. Why 2 different values? Well, it depends on the manufacturer of the glass in question. U value glass is focused on heat gain and loss as compared to the difference in outdoor or indooor temperature. However, R Value glass is all about the overall opposition to heat transference.