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Glass Doors / Patio Doors Cleveland, OH

Glass and Patio Doors at protection and beauty to your home. However, sometimes these beautiful fixtures cause problems or just need to be repaired or beautified! That's where your Cleveland Glass Doctor comes into play! Whether you need to simply replace some glass panes or you need to cut windows into any of your existing doors, we are read and able to take care of you. Plus, we use the best materials including glass that is weather proof as well as energy efficient.

Finally, we can modify a vinyl, wood or steel door into an all new entryway simply by adding glass doorlites to it! 

Remember, by replacing or repairing your patio or french doors we are adding to the value of your home! So call your Cleveland Glass Doctor now so we can fix your panes!

Ok, so ready to contact us about your glass request? Here's what you need to be thinking about before you do!

What kind of door are we dealing with here? Are we talking steel? Fiberglass or Wood?0
Do you have flush glazed doors? This is important as doorlites will not work with flushed glaze doors.
Make sure that when you are measuring, you are measuring outside of the frame.
What type of door are we talking? Is it front entry, is it side entry, is it hinged patio, is it double entry, is it sliding patio, or is it hinged patio?
What type of glass are we talking? Tinted glass? Clear glass?
Patio Doors/French Doors
Glass Doctor® of Cleveland, OH will help you choose the right solution to your problem:
Do you need doors slide or glide?
Do you need doors that swing or hinge?
How about clear glass doors?
Energy-efficient glass
Then we have Obscure glass doors
Then we have French Doors!
Don't forget Etched Doors!
And finally, Safety glass

Whether your job includes door inserts or you simply need to replace a pane of glass, your Cleveland, OH Glass Doctor will fix your panes! We will use brand new insulated and energy efficient glass!

Plus, we also repair and maintain all of the hardware that goes along with a typical door installation. Whether you need to replace or repair sliders or locks or other pieces of hardware, we will take care of everything! This is important as sliding doors generally experience a high amount of use and wear and tear. You might experience some fog if it is insulated glass. We can replace and repair these as well.

We can also install insulated glass panels with mini blinds between the two panels. This is a great energy efficient solution and has become increasingly popular over the past years.

So, if you are ready to make a change or simply repair your patio or french doors, call us! Our technicians and sales reps are ready to help you!