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Glass Doors / Patio Doors Akron-Canton, OH

Ready to increase your home's value? Patio or French doors are an excellent way to improve your livelihood as well as improve the value of your home! Your Akron-Canton Glass Doctor is your one stop shoppe for repairing and replacing glass, installing or repairing patio or French doors, and also installing glass into existing doors, wood or steel! We are able to cut new windows into doors without glass and turn almost any door into a new entryway using doorlites!

Remember there are many options when it comes to glass, but today all glass doors must have tempered or laminated safety glass. Your Glass Doctor® Akron-Canton, OH will take care of you with any and every type of glass you need!

Ready to make a move? Here are some things you should consider before talking to us!

We will need to know if your door is fiberglass or steel or wooden.
If your door is glazed and flush, we will not be able to install Doorlites.
What type of door? Front? Side? Patio?
Do you have glass that is tinted or is it clear?
Make sure you measure from the outside of the frame.
Patio Doors/French Doors
Let Glass Doctor® of Akron-Canton, OH help you decide which product is ideal for your situation!
Sliding/gliding doors
Swinging/hinged doors
Clear glass doors
French doors
Obscure glass doors
Energy-efficient glass
Safety glass
Etched glass doors

Here at Glass Doctor® Akron-Canton, OH, we're ready to change your patio or french doors! We have so many options available! One of our popular options are our glass door inserts! We are able to install double pane windows and within the two panes sits a set of sliding blinds! We can also install decorative glass that come with side panes that match. Plus when it comes to weather proof glass ours meets or exceeds all regulations!

If you are only needing a single pane replaced or maybe a few panes, we can handle that for you no problem. We will ensure that we match up your current glass with the new glass. If we put in new glass, we will make sure we install the newest energy efficient glass that meets all of the regulations!

Glass Doctor® of Akron-Canton, OH can also take care of any hardware needs you might have. Sliding glass doors generally go through a lot of wear and tear. We have all the hardware needed to come in and repair or replace any broken or worn pieces of hardware. When your children or pets cause your doors to not work quite as well as they used to, call us!